stan <> writes:

> I am trying to install FreebSD under VirtualBox 3.0 on an Ubuntu 9.10
> machien. I just installed OpenBSD in the same environment with no issues.
> However, FreeBSD does not seem to be able to get networking working. I am
> trying to install from a minimal boot CD, and get the filesets from an ftp
> server. I tried letting the FreeBSD installer get an address uisng DHCPm
> and it failed. So I booted teh OpenBSD insatnce, and used it's setigs,
> except for IP address (namescerve, defailt router etc). But still no luck.
> Has anyone made this work? Any sugestions as to what else to ty?

DHCP should work. Try other network cards (change then via
Virtualbox OSE).

WBR, bsam
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