in ports/Mk/, the list of SourceForge mirrors is defined by:

.for mirror in heanet sunet iweb switch surfnet kent freefr \
                voxel jaist osdn nchc transact softlayer \
                internode biznetnetworks ufpr
#               garr dfn ovh (redirect as of 2009-Sep-02)

The problem is that the first mirror, heanet, is glacially slow every time I try to download from it. Transfers of 5-10KB/s aren't unheard of. When I see that a large tarball is coming down from heanet, I'll routinely kill the transfer and manually download it.

In my /etc/make.conf, I have:


That *usually* works, but will often return a redirect, in which case the fetch goes back to using the list of mirrors, starting with heanet, which puts me back in the same predicament.

I could obviously edit to remove that entry, but updates could wipe out my changes. Worse, if the SF layout changes and is updated to reflect the new structure, a locally edited version wouldn't have those fixes.

All that said, is there a better way to specify SourceForge mirrors? A blacklist would be ideal for this specific situation, but I'm open to ideas.

Kirk Strauser

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