Dan Naumov wrote:

I am curious about posting some coding bounties, my current interest
revolves around improving the ZVOL functionality in FreeBSD: fixing
the known ZVOL SWAP reliability/stability problems as well as making
ZVOLs work as a dumpon device (as is already the case in OpenSolaris)
for crash dumps. I am a private individual and not some huge Fortune
100 and while I am not exactly rich, I am willing to put some of my
personal money towards this. I am curious though, what would be the
best way to approach this: directly approaching committer(s) with the
know-how-and-why of the areas involved or through the FreeBSD
Foundation? And how would one go about calculating the appropriate
amount of money for such a thing?


This idea (bounties) appear approximately every 6 months and it appears there is no better way than contacting the developers directly. AFAIK all attempts to conglomerate such an effort have failed. One important conclusion is that it cannot go through the Foundation since they cannot accept targeted donations.

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