On Thu, 18 Feb 2010, Lucas Wang spaketh thusly:

-}I tried to install Freebsd 8.0 on one of our lab machines, which is
-}SunFire v20z. After successfully installing it from CD, I followed the
-}following steps trying to update the kernel and world:
-}make buildworld
-}make buildkernel
-}make installkernel
-}mergemaster -p
-}make installworld
-}Everything was fine until the `make installworld` process run for a while and 
then got stuck, 
-}after that it won't respond to Ctrl-C. When I tried to login from another 
tty, it 
-}doesn't respond either. I even tried installing the machine from scratch
-}several times, and at different times it got stuck when installing different 

Hard tellin'.  When you tried to install from scratch, did you keep the same
partitions and not force a newfs?  When you rebooted, did you reboot into

The steps that have never failed me are close to what you have:
   - csup
   - env -i make buildworld
   - env -i make buildkernel
   - env -i make installkernel
   - reboot into single user
   - mount -a
   - mergemaster -paU
   - make installworld
   - mergemaster -aU
   - reboot

Perhaps try a re-install but fiddle a bit with the partition sizes and/or
force a newfs of the partitions.  Also, at the install step where you select
the entire drive (assuming this is what you are doing), you can delete what's
there and re-select "use the entire drive".  That also forces newfs'ing.


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