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I just acquired an older Gateway GT5220 with an AMD 62 Athlon-x2
dual processor. I want to set it up as a sort of test machine. There
does not seem to be a specific setting for 'cpu-type' or 'march' for
this machine. I have notices on some Linux forums that they recommend
using the 'native' keyword; i.e., "march=native" in the 'make.conf'
file to get the most optimization out of the CPU. Would that be
correct for FreeBSD also? Would it also be appropriate for other CPUs
as well?

FreeBSD sets "march" and other default settings based on CPUTYPE. It's
probably better to set that.

Yes but the old version of gcc in FreeBSD (4.2) is lacking support for modern CPUs. Using march=native is fine.

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