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I am thinking of buying a new laptop, and want one which will work fine with FBSD. Anyone have any suggestions?

It must have a connector for a external screen (i.e. a projector when doing presentations), wireless, ~15" screen, lots of memory, and optical unit, and preferable a long battery time (i.e. CPU speed is not that important).

Webpages, own experiences or any other comparisons available?

Please cc me if answering.


I am running FreeBSD (8-STABLE) on a Dell Latitude D630, and I'm very content with it. The D630 version has a 14.1" display, but I believe there is also a 15" version (which was called D830 if I recall correctly). Out of the box support for wireless (wpi) , wired (bge) , cpu-throtteling (cpufreq), audio (snd_hda) and the display-dimming functionality. When I bought it battery lifetime was over 6 hours (with a 9 cell battery) when just using browser/e-mail client/ word-processor kind of applications. Now (I have this machine about 2.5 years now) it's still about 3 hours, and I use it every day for at least 3 or 4 hours. Suspend/Resume almost works; meaning it does actually suspend and resume, unfortunately both wired and wireless are dead after resuming.

Since I never use a external monitor I do not know if that works correctly or not. My version has an intel card but it is also possible to obtain a laptop with a nvidia GPU. For the external monitor stuff I guess the best bet would be an nvidia card. Anyway: the conclusion is that it may be a good idea to take a look at Dell's range of laptops.

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- Frank

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