Hi Tim,

Tim Daneliuk wrote: 
> I mount my SMB shares from /etc/fstab on a FBSD 8.x production machine like 
> this:
>  //u...@winserver/SHARE   /mountpoint    smbfs   rw          0       0
> The problem is that after an outage, "WINSERVER" doesn't come up
> before the FBSD machine. So, the FBSD machine tries to boot and then
> hangs permanently because it cannot get the SMB share points mounted.
> This recently happened after a catastrophic power outage that cooked
> the share info on "WINSERVER". Even after it came up, it was no longer
> serving the proper shares and the FBSD machine could never find the
> SMB shares and thus hung permanently.
> The SMB mounts are not essential for systems operations. Is there a
> way to tell the FBSD to try and mount SMB, but keep going and complete
> the boot if it cannot?

I have a similar problem with a D-Link NAS I use for rsnapshot, however my
NAS does not come up after a power outage _period_.

The solution I use is to 'noauto' the nfs mount to prevent the stall until
I can boot the NAS.  I then created /mountpoint/NO, which the existence of
the 'NO' file is checked before rsnapshot via cron telling rsnapshot if it
is okay to backup to the mountpoint.  The result is that my machine will
continue to boot after a power failure, and the filesystem will not get
clobbered by recursive backups.

Though this isn't the same situation you are experiencing, you could
always script the mount to occur "@reboot" via cron.  Of course, there is
always rcorder(8), but I have not looked at it too much, as it would not
help in my situation.

HTH and regards,

Glen Barber
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