This might be a little off topic, but it still involves FreeBSD. I
figured this list has many a smart folk, so I'd ask here.

If I buy two of these Ubiquiti power station 2's, I can set them up to
provide a long distance ethernet link to my BSD box right? Has anyone
used these?

Basically, I have an remote office with a FreeBSD box acting as a
router, but no Internet connection. At the other side of the valley
(15 miles) I have a DSL based Internet connection, but no office. In
theory, I should be able to link them via a wireless bridge, right?
That way I'd have local connection at the office on one interface, and
a long distance link which hooks up to an ISP through their DSL router
on the other. If I treat the link between the office and the DSL
router as if it were the public Internet, I shouldn't need any
encryption between me and it, right? Does this all sound like a
reasonable approach?

I just thought I'd get a vote of confidence in my methods before I
finally tackle this project and buy the equipment.
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