On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 9:47 AM, Grant Peel <gp...@thenetnow.com> wrote:

> Ivan,
> I actually just got it to work. Not sure why the default TCP no longer
> works but I added the -U flag to the fstab for the mount and it works.
> Anyone know what may bave changed in FreeBSD 8 to cause this?
> -Grant
> P.S on the server machine the output you were looking for was
> /mnt                     

Please don't top post.

FBSD 8 has a new NFS implementation which might be the cause of your
issues.  In particular this seems relevant.


There's been more than one nfs issue on 8 however so it could easily be
something else.  8-STABLE has received a lot of NFS love so you could try
that on your clients perhaps.

Adam Vande More
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