Jorge Biquez wrote: 
> I would like to hear if possible your comments and advice on this 
> taht's related ..
> What if you have a to have several OS and distros to study or give 
> consulting and developing services. I have this scenario now and I 
> guess I have this optios.
> - Extra disk(s) and install there the differnet os I need (FreeBSD 
> and some Linux distros).
> - As mentioned have different small disk with real installations and 
> change according to needs.

IMHO, this is a clumsy way to avoid writing over an existing installed
operating system.  But, you know what they say about opinions.

> - Change my slow machine and have a big one with
>    a) have the windows needed (for some clients that have that, I am 
> sorry) and under it run VMWARE or similar and have all the 
> installations that I need.
>    b) Have a big mac and do the same with virtualpc or similar (not 
> sure of the name).


> Thinking that you are looking to continue learning and you are 
> offering consulting services where clients have different 
> instllations. What would you choose of the above, if any? Or what would you 
> do?

FWIW, I run VirtualBox on all of my FreeBSD machines and my
Mac for similar purposes.  It is much more convenient than carrying around
extra disks or obscure disk partitioning.


Glen Barber
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