On 05/07/10 07:40, Zhenkai Zhu wrote:

I'm experiencing some problem of syncache (probably).

We have a NFS server which exports everyone's home directory, and I'm
developing my Qualnet code on another machine (NFS client) under my home
directory. However, when I make my code, linking takes extremely long
time (it takes more than 5 minutes while on my laptop it only takes 15
seconds). I examed the /var/log/messages on the NFS server and it was
like this:

May 6 19:51:49 raptors kernel: TCP: []:985 to
[]:2049 tcpflags 0x10<ACK>; syncache_expand: Segment failed
SYNCOOKIE authentication, segment rejected (probably spoofed)

The above message appears every time I make my code ( and only when I
make my code). I turned on linux binary compatiblity on the NFS client
because Qualnet needs to be run in that mode.

Here are some more details: both the NFS server and client are amd64
machines. The server has 8 cpus and the client has 16 cpus.

Any one can help me out? Thanks!!!

What does your net.inet.tcp.syncache.count show?

Actually, sending the output of sysctl net.inet.tcp | grep syn would probably help.

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