> I'm certain that we have something in ports that will do this, but
> danged if I can find a good candidate.  While I'm sure I 
> could build a
> database/PHP app that would work, surely someone's already done this?
> Any recommendations?

I'm experimenting with OpenDocMan (PHP/MySQL, http://www.opendocman.com/) for 
storing ad hoc documents associated with part numbers in a WebERP system 
(http://www.weberp.org). system. OpenDocMan has been around for a while and 
didn't see a lot of activity after release, but seems to be pretty active 
again. We added a menu item in the WebERP ItemMaster page for a user to submit 
an associated document, which is just a link to the submit document page in 
OpenDocMan (also added a "Search for Associated Documents" menu item which is a 
link to a search in OpenDocMan for documents associated with that part number). 
If there are multiple documents associated with part number, the user would 
have to zip the documents and then check-in the zip archive. This concept can 
be applied to other documents, such as a received purchase order which is then 
associated with a new internal sales order and production order.

I'm also investigating using Mercurial and the Windows TortoiseHg client (or a 
simplfied custom "management-and-incoming-inspection-clerk" friendly client) to 
check-in an arbitrary directory structure. Users could create a local directory 
on their Windows box for mini-project work (e.g., datasheets for a 
commercial-off-the-shelf part, Word doc and graphics for a user manual, sales 
analysis spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentation, custom part drawings and work 
instruction, etc.), and when they're finished, "check-in" the directory. I 
think the folder check-in might be a simpler concept for casual users, but need 
to finish the strawman and get some critique.


Dale Scott, P.Eng.
e-mail: dalesc...@shaw.ca

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