On 6/30/10 8:00 PM, Mr. Darren wrote:
Though this will not be the focus of my question.  Lots of ports are being 
created for FreeBSD and none submitted.  I don't know why.

My problem arises when trying to install one of these which is put together 
quite well.  pkg_add -r http://site/something.tbz, or pkg_add something.tbz 
doesn't work for the dependencies.  So how do I tell pkg_add to fetch the first 
pkg from one site and the rest from the main sites?  It is available in source 
but the system is void of pkg's at the moment and with the 1ghz processor and 
512mb ram could take quite a while.  And the funny part is it will work 
perfectly if I just place it in ports/multimedia.

Assuming the site structure is the same as the FreeBSD ftp structure, as it would be if the remote site is using Tinderbox, you can set the PACKAGESITE and PKG_PATH environment variables.

If using csh:
        setenv PACKAGESITE http://site/All/
        setenv PKG_PATH http://site/Latest/

If using sh/bash:
        export PACKAGESITE="http://site/All/";
        export PKG_PATH="http://site/Latest/";


Glen Barber
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