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In the above post, a FreeBSD GNOME team member recommends "rebuilding and 
reinstalling sysutils/polkit, sysutils/policykit, and sysutils/consolekit".

Q: How do I "rebuild and reinstall" these applications when they were installed 
originally via "pkg_add -r gnome2"?

A: "pkg_add -r polkit" [fails with the message "already installed"]

I have the same problem and asked a while back but got no answer. My
Gnome is partially broken because of a stupid libpng and libjpg
upgrade and I would like to re-install the whole thing from binary.

If you are going to rebuild libpng and libjpg, you will need to rebuild all ports that depend on those libraries, not just the gnome-specific ports.

You might want to have a look at ports-mgmt/portmaster. Also have a look at /usr/ports/UPDATING, entry 20100328 for libpng.


Glen Barber
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