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On 7/20/10 12:54 PM, Ed Flecko wrote:
Hi folks,
I'm looking at the ezjail.conf file, and it seems like SOME of the
settings might be mandatory, but they're all commented out.

For example, the:

# ezjail_mount_enable="YES"

Uncommenting and setting to NO would disable mounting the /basejail, read-only bits.

# ezjail_devfs_enable="YES"
# ezjail_devfs_ruleset="devfsrules_jail"

If you have specific devfs needs for the jail, you can enable a special rule. Have a look at devfs(8) and devfs.conf(5) if you need to modify this, though you probably won't need to.

# ezjail_procfs_enable="YES"

Disabling this will disable procfs(5). I recommend this one if you don't need procfs(5).

# ezjail_fdescfs_enable="YES"

Similarly to procfs above.  I haven't found any reason to disable this.

should be uncommented because they're "Default options for newly
created jails", right?

Correct, they are enabled by default, and show the default value.

Are there any of the other settings I might want to consider enabling?

Depends on what your usage needs are. :)


Glen Barber
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