On 09/02/10 21:25, David Brodbeck wrote:
While doing some interoperability testing between Linux and FreeBSD, I
came up with this unusual issue.  I could use some help figuring out
if this is a bug, and if so, where to file it.  Here's the scenario:

- FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE server, sharing a ZFS filesystem via NFSv4.

I think that this is the beginning of your problems - even the developer who is working on NFSv4 says it's too experimental to be used in real world.

- Linux client (I've tested with RHEL 5.4 and Debian Lenny) mounting
said filesystem with NFSv4.
- A user on the Linux client does a Subversion checkout onto the
mounted filesystem.

At the end of the checkout, access to the filesystem hangs.  nfsd on
the FreeBSD server and rpciod on the Linux client seem to be in a
tight loop, and there's lots of network traffic between them.  I can
reproduce this every time.

The problem does not occur if the backing filesystem is UFS instead of
ZFS, if NFSv3 is used instead of NFSv4, or if the client is FreeBSD
instead of Linux.

... but you may have stumbled on something specific. I recommend you repeat this same post (and others you have on the similar topic) on the freebsd-fs at freebsd.org mailing list, the developer (Rick Macklem) reads it.

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