On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 11:53 AM, Nathan Vidican <nat...@vidican.com> wrote:
> Hey all - I've been trying to implement a transparent proxy for all outgoing 
> traffic to port 80 to forward to a proxy server. The problem is that the 
> proxy itself resides on a different host than the forward rule does. Has 
> anyone done something similar? Ideally I'd like to implement with ipfw, but 
> not opposed to other suggestions?
> Internet -> firewall/gateway -> proxy server -> LAN/clients
> Where the firewall/gateway is the central router for multiple networks, 
> including the public subnet which 'proxy server' gets it's external IP for. 
> So ideally I would like something along the lines of this (assuming the proxy 
> server is running on
> ipfw add 600 fwd,3128 tcp from to any 80 via
> ipfw add 600 fwd,3128 tcp from to any 80 via
> ipfw add 600 fwd,3128 tcp from to any 80 via
> I have tried the identical rules to above using,3128 - of course 
> starting up squid on the gateway machine too... the problem is that machine 
> simply doesn't have the resources and I'd prefer to run squid on a different 
> host.
> Any suggestions or referrals to RTFM somewhere would be greatly appreciated. 
> Thanks.
> --
> Nathan Vidican
> nat...@vidican.com

Go figure, five minutes after posting I found what I needed in squid's
documentation. FYI in case anyone comes accross this thread, what I
had been doing wrong was 'http_port 3128 transparent' should have been
'http_port 3128 intercept' instead. See this link for more details:


Nathan Vidican
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