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El d?a Tuesday, October 19, 2010 a las 07:29:46PM -0700, Gary Kline escribi?:
        PS:  I really _was_ current on hardware stuff.  Back in the VAX
        780 days :-)
I booted my first UNIX V7 tape on a PDP-11 around 1982, I think.

Gotcha beat :)  UNIX V6, PDP-11/34, RK05 disk cartridge, 1975.
The whole runtime fit on one RK05.  The sources took a second one.

I guess I'm just a kid, then, since I wasn't exposed to computers until
6 years later (my excuse was being born in 1975). CP/M-80 and MP/M-80
with intel asm, was where I started my hairpulling... Anybody else got
nightmares about 8 inch floppies? ;)


Hard or soft sectored?

"Although the wombat is real and the dragon is not, few know what a
wombat looks like, but everyone knows what a dragon looks like."

        -- Avram Davidson, _Adventures in Unhistory_
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