On Oct 20, 2010, at 5:10 PM, Marwan Sultan wrote:
> Hello list..
>  Well! im kinda lost here..
>  I have like 8 domains hosted in my server. FreeBSD 7.2R, sendmail, 
> openwebmail, spamassassin, milter all installed.
>  I have few customers complaining that thier emails (the domain they send 
> from) to hotmail/yahoo..etc..
>  flagged as spam! i have googled and found most of problems about forward, 
> reverse DNS.
>  for me PTR, reverse DNS matchs the domain name. all the 8 domains matchs 
> reverse, PTR.

Since you didn't provide an example DSN or even anonymized logs of a bounce, we 
can't guess-- in general you'd discuss a specific bounce message with the 
postmaster of site which bounced it.  As for hotmail.com, they can't even be 
bothered to make postmaster@ work:


...which means they're sufficiently broken that you should expect mail failures.


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