Quoth Chad Perrin on Sunday, 13 February 2011:
> OpenOffice.org and LibreOffice offer functionality MS Office does not,
> just as MS Office offers functionality they do not.  Different people
> have different needs, and those office suites serve slightly different
> needs.  On the other hand, OpenOffice.org and LibreOffice encompass more
> MS Office functionality than MS Office does of OpenOffice.org and
> LibreOffice functionality.  Since it became a household term (at least in
> the open source community), for instance, OpenOffice.org has supported a
> wider range of MS Office documents than MS Office, thanks to the fact
> that despite its much-ballyhooed adherence to "backwards compatibility",
> MS Office has tended to (intentionally?) break file format compatibility
> between release versions.
Hey, I just found out that libreoffice can open all those old .WRI files
that MS Office no longer recognizes!  Thanks for the tip!

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