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"John D. Hendrickson and Sara Darnell" <johnandsa...@cox.net> wrote:

> Hi.  I'm a BSD idiot I use [Debian] linux.
> rc.d question
> I'm trying to release a project (just below) to the widest possible
> unix audience.  I need a line in "/etc/inittab" and to have a
> start/stop in "/etc/rc.d", nothing unusual I think.  I read many
> freeBSD rc.d materials and it only convinced me as much as I'd
> learned: if I'm not running BSD I don't know enough to talk about
> it :)

Usually FreeBSD rc.d scripts are maintained by the port maintainer
rather than the upstream project. If you are unclear about it, I would
suggest you don't bother. 
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