Quoth Zbigniew Szalbot on Friday, 04 March 2011:
> Hello,
> >        Thanks duly noted to everyone.  I was beginning to wonder if I
> >        had lost what mind I've got left!  Not used to losing my two trial
> >        blog, (1), and beyond that, being dumbfounded at how messy it
> >        may be to keep WP "current."   (2)
> It seems to me you are making you life more difficult with WP than it
> needs to be. Keeping WP current is a piece of cake, and you do not
> need to do it via ports. WP has built-in ftp capabilities and once you
> provide it with proper credentials, upgrading is as easy as clicking
> the upgrade button from within WP admin interface. This way you can
> keep multiple WP installations and easily maintain them.  :)

I have not had a lot of luck with upgrading from within the admin panel,
but it is still easy to upgrade by downloading the latest tarball and
simply extracting it over the installation.  Then go into the admin panel
to see if it requires that you press a button to update the database.

Of course, make a backup first.

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