I have been tasked with bringing up a "new" server.  It appears to be fairly 
old equipment though.  I do know it was previously used.  Its a Arima NM46X 
with dual AMD Opteron processors.  The unit appears to be working since it has 
some form of Linux installed on the disks and that boots and seems to run.  
However, I have tried booting from CD 8.2 and 8.0. using Disk 1 and Repair 
disks (AMD64 and i386).  They all die just after the first stage loader.  I get 
the system version line and then the spinner stops dead.  The CD is an external 
USB unit and its left running.  The motherboard doesn't recognize a USB stick 
for booting unfortunately.  The motherboard manual is dated 2006 so I think its 
just too old for that.  Any ideas on how this can be 
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