On 10/04/2011 06:27, Chris Telting wrote:
Just a few questions about what ZFS actually does. So if anyone has
intimate knowledge about ZFS's implementation on Freebsd I'm sure I and
others would appreciate the answers.

When you add a second and or thrid drive/partition to a zpool I'm
assuming that it's going to start using the drives like a raid 0 stripe.

Not exactly like RAID 0; ZFS's "striping" is not using regular patterns / stripes but "IO balancing" heuristics. This means there are no fixed stripe size but the data is distributed across the drives in a way which ZFS's algorithms predict is best.

This allows for e.g. creating a zpool from a single drive, then adding another drive (as a "stripe") and ZFS will use both, but new data will be written mostly to the new drive. Performance should scale as expected in this scenario, e.g. not much if the first drive is almost full before adding a new one.

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