On 05/10/11 09:36, C. P. Ghost wrote:
On Sat, May 7, 2011 at 4:30 PM, Bill Tillman<btillma...@yahoo.com>  wrote:
I knew this thread would bring up some ironies. For the record it's all in their
minds. E-Mails have been upheld in the US Court system as legal documents.

Maybe. But as soon as you have to interact with non-US companies or
administrations, you'll have to revert to fax, because in their legislations,
that's the only legally binding document in addition to real letters.

Digitally signed email has been legally binding in the UK for a decade or more. It's only when I'm talking to Bank of America Merrill Lynch that I have to revert to faxes because they refuse to accept signed email. Sigh.
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