>> But I have a general question: have any of
>> you wizards who run your own domains or otherwise use a switch [or
>> hub] *ever* had it just-quit?!  It is solid-state.

I've had a Linksys switch crap out. I've also had a Netgear switch die. In
fact, there were three Netgear switches that died within a few months of each
other. At first they would simply lock up at random. After that they didn't
work at all. We later discovered it was a capacitor problem. (Google 'capacitor
plague'.) We replaced it with a HP ProCurve switch a few years ago and it has
been rock solid ever since. My only complaint is the proCurve has a very
inaccurate internal clock, but that is easily remedied by configuring ntpd on
it. So yeah, even solid state stuff can die!

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