On 13/10/2011 12:16, O. Hartmann wrote:

> I'm a bit afraid of buying something "out of the blue" since the
> dimensions of this little controller board seems small. I hope someone
> already made a decission to buy such a replacement for their similar or
> exact the same system and can help me out.
> We do not need RAID, nor SAS 2.0 capabilities, just JBOD. Thanks a lot
> in advance,

This is somewhat tangential but if the server has an internal USB port
(directly on the motherboard), you *could* use it just for boot+root for
the OS and then have buy any kind of controller which supports your
drives. Almost all modern servers have this, but the 1950 is a bit old...

In the same direction: if you have the space and the cabling, you could
just add a single small drive and connect it to the motherboard SATA
controller (non-RAID) and boot from that.

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