On 11/09/11 05:30, Vincent Hoffman wrote:
'Hi all,
         I'm trying to move a script from a linux box to a freebsd box.
All going well as its just a bash script and bash is bash, however there
is one line I'm unable to use directly, as bsd sed (correctly according
to SUS at least, I believe[1]) appends a newline when writing to
standard out, gnu sed doesnt. example
[backup@banshee ~]$ echo -n "/boot:7:1:5; /:7:1:5; /var:7:1:5"  | sed -n
[backup@banshee ~]$


[backup@amber ~]$ echo -n "/boot:7:1:5; /:7:1:5; /var:7:1:5"  | sed
/boot:7:1:5;/:7:1:5;/var:7:1:5[backup@amber ~]$

is there any easy way to make our sed do the same as gnu sed here?

You could also just lop off the newline with tr -d '\n':

echo -n "/boot:7:1:5; /:7:1:5; /var:7:1:5" | sed -n 's/[[:space:]]*;[[:space:]]*/;/gp' | tr -d '\n'

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