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To masayoshi :
MS> On 13/11/2011 02:54, masayoshi wrote:
MS> > I would like to keep her in jail because she is reckless.


MS> Now, if you want to support console based logins direct to a jail.  As
MS> far as I know, this is not possible with the FreeBSD console.  It would
MS> be a really cool thing to be able to do though.  Dedicate one of the
MS> console vty's to the jail...  Unfortunately I don't think that's going
MS> to be impossible without code changes to the OS.  The problem is init(8)
MS> -- the master process on the system, and the process that controls each
MS> of the getty(8) programs that watch for login attempts on the various
MS> terminals -- that program would require modification so that it knew how
MS> to associate a particular vty with a jail, and then manage the login
MS> process to create a new login session within the jail.

I'd find it obvious to try to launch getty by mean of jexec by setting the 
command in /etc/ttys?

Something like that:

    ttyv0   "/usr/sbin/jexec `cat /var/run/some_jail.id` /usr/libexec/getty Pc" 
        cons25  on  secure

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