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>> From: Doug Hardie <bc...@lafn.org>
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>> Subject: Re: One or Four?
>> On Feb 17, 2012, at 2:05 PM, Robison, Dave wrote:
>>> We'd like a show of hands to see if folks prefer the "old" style default 
>>> with 4 partitions and swap, or the newer iteration with 1 partition and 
>>> swap.
>> I only run servers and set them up with /, /usr, and swap.  Other partitions 
>> are placed on other disks with typically one partition per disk.  I link /var
>> and /tmp into /usr.
> That last is a *BAD*IDEA*(tm).  There _are_ programs that assume that /var/tmp
> and /usr/tme are *different* places -- and will attempt to create 'distinct' 
> files _with_the_same_name_ in the two diretories.

I am sure you can find programs that presume anything you want.  I have never 
seen one that does that. If I did find one, it would be easy to correct that 
misguided thinking.

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