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I had installed 9.0 to a SATA drive (ada1 I think) and went to install
Windows on a higher numbered drive but Windows doesn't like that or so
I gathered.
Anyway, I moved drives around and installed Windows - FreeBSD is now
ada2 I think.
I'm used to OpenBSD where fixing this is a vi fstab ...
What's the procedure on FreeBSD?

Yes, you can change the fstab (if you can get in via mountroot:
at the boot prompt, I believe) from single user mode.  If you'd've
used labels (either glabel or tunefs -L) you'd not have to change
your /etc/fstab at all.

I'll second that remark on labelling filesystems. My life has become much easier since I did all mine - the 8.2->9.0 disk naming switch from /dev/ad<i> to /dev/ada<j> had absolutely no effect. Take a look at Warren Block's excellent page on the subject:

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