On 26/03/2012 19:20, Martin McCormick wrote:
>       I just tried to unpack the 9.0 image using tar which has
> worked in the past to let one modify loader.conf but I got a
> bunch of errors this time about files that couldn't be created
> so maybe this is not the recommended headless installation
> technique any longer.

To create a custom install CD?  You might find it better to build your
.iso or memstick images from the system sources.  See release(7).
The trick seems to be to make the 'system' target of the
/usr/src/release/Makefile which will install the system into a chroot.
You should then be able to edit files under that chroot.  Then just
'make release.iso' or 'make memstick' to create an installer image.


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