Jerry <> wrote:

> When it comes to "speech recognition", the only two applications
> that seem to work reliably at all levels are "Siri on iPhone 4S"
> and "Dragon NaturallySpeaking", neither of which are obviously
> available on FreeBSD. I don't believe that there is even a
> *nix/BSD version of "Dragon NaturallySpeaking" in production.

The Windows version of "Dragon NaturallySpeaking" is, however,
reputed to work well on wine, which is in ports.  One of the D-NS
developers (or maybe it was a tech support person) was helping out
on the wine-users forum for a while; I don't recall having seen her
post there recently, but this _might_ be because D-NS is working so
well with recent wine versions that no one needs help with it.
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