On 08/07/2012 13:30, Polytropon wrote:
With few routine, tasks are performed more natural using
the desired CLI tools. You don't go "Now I have to remember
which command to format the disk", you just format the disk,
which means "spaking to" newfs. The more often you do it,
the more obvious the tools are, and they won't change in
look and feel (or options). That makes them superior.

How do you format a FAT32 partition? newfs won't work. Is it newfs_vfat, newfs_fat32, newfs_msdos etc.? And how do you specify you want FAT32 instead of FAT12 or FAT16? With a good GUI tool like diskmgmt.msc in Windows 2008 you simply right-click the partition and click "New Volume" to create a new partition, or "Format" to format it - and then follow the prompts. Of course using diskpart is faster if you know the commands and parameters, but for an ordinary user adding a new disk maybe once a year it's most likely more efficient to just use the GUI.

Bruce Cran
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