file system" (as you said without partitions, and I'll take
that literally): You can use tar, "the universal file system
that isn't a file system" to write data to the USB stick.

which is best in USB pendrive wear and speed point of view.

pendrive's flash translation layers are just awful, only linear writes works well.

Writing stuff:

        # tar cf /dev/da0 /my/files

i would recomment

tar -b 128 -cf /dev/da0 /my/files

# tar xf /dev/da0
work in other BSDs or even other (quasi-)Unixes including Linux, using the 
appropriate device name where applicable in place of da0?

yes it will run fine under linux, openbsd, netbsd, slowlaris etc.

While that particular construst could probably not be booted, it is possible to 
boot from a floppy or image file that does not contain a file system.

If you need bootable pendrive then you have to use disklabel and make filesystem.

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