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I am trying to put FreeBSD on an HP laptop. The use up all the partitions to I deleted the least useful one, shrunk the windows partition and tried to add freeBSD.

gpart show:

=>       63  625142385  ada0  MBR  (298G)
        63       1985        - free -  (992k)
      2048     407552     1  ntfs  [active]  (199M)
    409600  311951360     2  ntfs  (148G)
 312360960         33        - free -  (16k)
 312360993  283115448     4  freebsd  (135G)
 595476441     577575        - free -  (282M)
 596054016   28880896     3  ntfs  (13G)
 624934912     207536        - free -  (101M)

I do not have any flexibility as to where #4 is. I would like to use the 9.0 installer from this point but it wants to add BSD partitions to the 282M space.

I am not sure after much man-ing and google-ing what gpart commands are required. I guess I could use sysinstall at this point but learning gpart seems like a good thing. I assume I need to do something like:

  gpart add set -a active -i 4 ada04      (not sure geom is correct)

No, for slice 4, it would be ada0s4. For the MBR setup, bootcode must be added to both the MBR (ada0) and the slice.

  gpart bootcode -b /boot/boot0 ada04

and then add the mounts. I would like

  /var 10g
  /usr 20g
  /home (the rest)

but am somewhat lost about the syntax and geom values. thanks for any help

bsdlabel partitions are created inside a slice. No idea whether the partition numbers being out of order will be a problem...

gpart create -s bsd ada0s4
gpart bootcode -b /boot/boot ada0s4

Then add partitions inside that:

gpart add -t freebsd-ufs -s 2g ada0s4
gpart add -t freebsd-swap -s 4g ada0s4
gpart add -t freebsd-ufs -2 10g ada0s4

I strongly suggest taking advantage of labels with the -l option.
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