it helps to have g_get_home_dir() rather than g_get_homedir();
        I *finally* triple-checked.  yep, that was why my voice-by-
        computer GUI program wouldn't compile.  ...Anyhow, I hope there 
        are some listmembers on -questions who can help me with a final
        un-implemented feature.  

        my program will help people with a small laptop or tablet that 
        runs Unix  who CAN type but whose speech is impaired.  or 
        perhaps they cannot talk at all.

        one of my last features is a window that will display something
        the speech-impaired may have typed several minutes before.  by
        hitting the "display prev" button, a window opens with the title,
        say "talk.17.text"  that was the 17th entry typed and spoken by the
        computer.  it may be several paragraphs.  I already have (at the
        button of this window), the buttons [Play], [Last window], 
        [Next window], [Close window].

        I am not skilled enough yet to know how to reach the "Last" or
        "Next" --if these exist.  wondering if any FBSD folk can help me
        with this.  if so, let's take it offline to avoid anybody who may
        not think that -questions is the right mailinglist.

        ithink I have exhausted all good-will among the gtk* lists and
        forums.  right now I'm working on the built-in documentation.  
        --this Will include a brief tutorial on vim/gvim.

        TIA, people... .

 Gary Kline  Public Service Unix
              Twenty-six years of service to the Unix community.

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