how about a local weather GUI that reports the outdoors highs and
        lows [temps], and the barometric scale and the forecast?

        we've got one in a shaded area on our deck that pings an indoors
        receiver every 10-15 minutes.  I can't get too close to the 
        receiver for fear of ramming into the furniture.  also, the
        backlight only lasts a few seconds ... too fast for me to scan

        1. is there any transmitter that will reach, say, 25 meters and 
        whose data could be picked up by a card inside my computer?

        2. I live so close to the airport weather station that im sure
        that would tell me tons more stuff that I could pick up outside the
        house.  Iremember seeing the weather bureau for the entire US.
        pretty sure there are global sites with similar data.



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