it was bill joy and friends  who clued me in on how-to use the
        vi that he was writing in the late 70's.  I've been stuck on that 
        editor--or VIIM in recent years.  Bill's original editor became 
        COPYRIGHT of UNIX {TM}, and of course you just didnt mess with
        "the telephone company."  I was glad when keith bostic wrote an
        exact clone of bill joy's editor.  I'm still getting used to vim.

        one reason ive stuck with vim-as-vi was of the colors that vim 
        defaults to.  I'v fought the dark/crap/puke brown  /<search>
        color that seems to be the default on my linux desktop.  it's hard
        to see my block cursor when I search for words.  und`zo, today I 
        spend a couple hours tracking down this color feature in vim.  was
        pleased to find that there was a blue-tone color set.  my joints
        are complaining so I'll ask if any of you can give me the right 
        terms to google for.  I'd like to find a lighter blue or play 
        around with the colors.  {am assuming that vim is the same across
        the linux and berkeley distributions.}

        thanks in advance for a few url's.  


        PS:  OH; the offtopic thing.  I'm done, or =very= close with my
        voice by computer program.  It's in C with gtk and AFAICT works
        only on linux.  ive got a few months of cleaning up before 
        release 0.51 will be finished.  in the FBSD world, this would
        fit into the accessibility directory.  now, the speech-impaired
        who can type will be able to communicate with anyone.  VBC requires
        espeak and gvim.  

 Gary Kline  Public Service Unix
              Twenty-six years of service to the Unix community.

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