On Thu, Jan 03, 2013 at 07:27:41AM +0100, Polytropon wrote:
> On Wed, 2 Jan 2013 18:53:05 -0800, Gary Kline wrote:
> >     one reason ive stuck with vim-as-vi was of the colors that vim 
> >     defaults to.  I'v fought the dark/crap/puke brown  /<search>
> >     color that seems to be the default on my linux desktop.  it's hard
> >     to see my block cursor when I search for words.  und`zo, today I 
> >     spend a couple hours tracking down this color feature in vim.  was
> >     pleased to find that there was a blue-tone color set.  my joints
> >     are complaining so I'll ask if any of you can give me the right 
> >     terms to google for.  I'd like to find a lighter blue or play 
> >     around with the colors.  {am assuming that vim is the same across
> >     the linux and berkeley distributions.}
> In case you're using gvim (a GUI "enclosing" for vim) you can
> do the following: Load some text or source code, :syntax on,
> then in the menu: Edit -> Color Scheme, and pin the resulting
> menu next to the editor window; click the different schemes
> to check if one of the predefined 17 schemes looks usable to
> you; when done, unpin the menu. This approach is just for
> testing and "looking around" in the first place, not for
> actual permanent use. :-)

        wow!  [apologies: I fergot that I had an appt =all day== 
        downtown.]  I am seeing this in mutt as all-green.  I guess
        it's not that bad.

        one question I have may solve the problem of vim displaying
        all the ^/search terms and displaying them in some color. 
        the default brown is awful, but dark blue isn't much bbetter.
        So: can I add something to my ~/.vimrc that =limits=
        the "search" to displaying one term?  if I am searching for,
        say, "the" or I guess /\<the\>, I dont want every "the" in my 
        file.  I want only  one.   or one at a time, and not necessarily
        in color.

> >     PS:  OH; the offtopic thing.  I'm done, or =very= close with my
> >     voice by computer program.  It's in C with gtk and AFAICT works
> >     only on linux.  ive got a few months of cleaning up before 
> >     release 0.51 will be finished.  in the FBSD world, this would
> >     fit into the accessibility directory.  now, the speech-impaired
> >     who can type will be able to communicate with anyone.  VBC requires
> >     espeak and gvim.  
> There are both gvim and /usr/ports/audio/espeak in ports, and
> Gtk is also in there. What would cause this software to refuse
> working on FreeBSD?
        hm. dunno.  but then , since I was using FBSD only as a server, I 
        only put in ctwm.   no gnome, no gtk, no espeak.  actually, my
        VBC certainly ought to work under gnome and with gtk, espeak, 
        and gvim [as the pop-up editor].  I'll put the tarball on my
        deadbbs.com site where ive got all my other portballs ... if 
        you or anybody wants to try it out.  just gimmee a couple weeeks.
        the code is seriously messy. --I hang my head... .

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