I used my EEE-900a [[last year]] to wow the medical team downtown
        with my unfinished VBC program.  since nobody seems willing to
        volunteer to test the (*almost*)-finished version, I figure I
        ms well use my 2005 Thinkpad.  it is reasonably fast at 3.06GHz.
        should clue me in on how much stuff I need to compile to test.

        I want the Gnome Desktop, espeak, and gvim.  If there is a CD 
        or DVD with 9.x, can somebody give me a URL?



        PS: The reason that vbc is only "almost" finished is that I need
        to do a much better job outlining a.) the basics of using gvim,
        b.) the basics of using the application, and c.) figuring the 
        best way of using the "File" menu dropdown to _Save the 
        existing files ... and more.  the  worst part is the
        documentation... .

        PPS:  ive found and expanding a few lines {maybe 15-20} on
        gvim/vim/vi.  ineed to know how this reads.  figure you guys will

 Gary Kline  Public Service Unix
              Twenty-six years of service to the Unix community.

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