(hm, well, other than to say that im installing 9.1 on my uni-CPU
        laptop, this is =really= OT.)

        okay, here's what I need help with and some of the whys and
        wherefors, etc:  much to my surprise, my little speech application
        for the impaired is gaining recognition rapidly.  ive heard from 
        people from oz, from somewshere in the philippines, from england--
        or maybe I should say "u.k.", as well as from a few locales here
        in the states.  mostly, tho, my focus remains on writing or
        finishing this program fro the one computer per child project that
        is/was from MIT.  I'm not sure I believe this, but according to 
        some source, there are some unholy number of children with some
        disability. of the 7 billion there are 100 million children with
        some disability.  not all speech, of course, but still---

        a gtk+ wizard took my posted VBC code and make mods to it.  he
        suggested that I set up an account on sourceforge.net so he and
        others could contribute.  I have an acct there but couldn't figure
        anything out.  a fellow on fbook suggested google.  I spent most
        of saturday setting up a forum and a place for my code on
        google.code.  if it sounds like I'm making progress, well, 
        that's debatable.  nothing to do with hacking.  just the 
        peripheral stuff.  

        the part I need help with is Subversion.  I used CVS about 15 years 
        ago, and svn looks slightly familiar.  the project on google.code
        are looking for me to use svn to install my base files.  I think;
        not sure.  on my desktop here I have one development directory for
        all my source files.  I have subversion installed here.  briefly:
        what now?

        do I create a svn directory here? or do I ftp/scp/<<??>> things
        to the voice-by-computer account to the google.code project?
        thanks for any help.


        ps: from the ``ya don' hafta be a hacker to help Dept:'' a speech
            therapist wrote with some thoughts on what I should =avoid=
            as well as things to include.  things I had never thought of!!

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