I have a relatively old machine that I am trying to boot 9.1 on.  The bios will 
not boot from USB stick.  I am using an external CD drive.  It starts the boot 
process fine and gets to the Bootstrap loader message with revision 1.1.  Then 
it puts out the machine, date, time the CD was created and starts the spinner.  
It spins around about 2 times and stops.  The system continues to read from the 
drive for another couple minutes.  Then everything stops.  Nothing more happens.

The CD is good.  I can boot it just fine using the same external drive on 
another machine.  While I could remove the drive and temporarily mount in in 
the working machine and build it there, I would like to find a way to 
successfully boot from CD.  This will become a remote machine and taking it 
apart later is not a viable option.
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