On 03/05/13 16:12, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
On 2013-03-04 07:28, KrisUniverse <kris.unive...@gmail.com> wrote:
The Zlib baked into FreeBSD is Zlib 1.2.4 even on 9.1R.

However, Zlib has gone to 1.2.7 sometime ago after stepping through
1.2.5, 1.2.6 and 1.2.7 with bug fixes.

Is there any reason for not using Zlib 1.2.7?

I don't have a 9.1-RELEASE system nearby, but I think zlib 1.2.7 _should_
already be there...  Are you sure it's still an old version?

On my machine:

# uname -r

[It's actually -p1 but I've not bothered replacing the kernel as the problems were in user space.]

# grep 'define ZLIB_VERSION' /usr/src/lib/libz/zlib.h
#define ZLIB_VERSION "1.2.7"

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