Hi all,


I am in the midst of setting up the framework for new servers using FreeBSD
9.1. I used the bsdinstall and Manual`` option when setting up the disk
geometry using GPT - graphical setup.


The idea will be to eventually dump the 4 file systems, (/, /usr /var and
/home) and restore them on other servers when the time comes.


I am reading everything there is about GPT at this point as I have never
used it before. It seems gpart is the tool to use.


I have done several test runs setting the drive geometry using this as a




Which worked well. But as yet I do not have dumps to test with.


I was wondering in anyone sees any issues creating the drive geometry using
this method, with the intent of restoring dumped filesystems to to,
including the root filesystem.


I am yet to use 9.1 to do so, so any tips would be appreciated.







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