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> I am in the midst of setting up the framework for new servers using
> FreeBSD 9.1. I used the bsdinstall and Manual`` option when setting
> up the disk geometry using GPT - graphical setup.
> The idea will be to eventually dump the 4 file systems, (/, /usr /var
> and /home) and restore them on other servers when the time comes.
using a separated home is a very good idea.
> http://www.wonkity.com/~wblock/docs/html/disksetup.html

I have had only one problem with this description. I could not boot
from a GPT setup on my machine done as described there. But I have a
disk done with PCBSD based on 9.0 which booted well. I cannot tell you
if this is a problem caused by a later chance on the side of FreeBSD.

> Which worked well. But as yet I do not have dumps to test with.

If all worked well for you, I do not see any problems coming for you
> I was wondering in anyone sees any issues creating the drive geometry
> using this method, with the intent of restoring dumped filesystems to
> to, including the root filesystem.

I have some drives which partitioning I did according to this. The only
problem I have is booting. The rest is all working perfectly.
> I am yet to use 9.1 to do so, so any tips would be appreciated.
If you want this for serious servers, you might even consider 8.3, if
your hardware is supported. Nothing beats the robustness of the older
FreeBSD versions.

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