On Mon, 8 Apr 2013 17:03:13 +0200, Harald Weis wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 07, 2013 at 12:09:32AM +0200, Polytropon wrote:
>  > If it's just about YouTube video, why not use youtube-dl and
>  > mplayer? I haven't tested it for those particular two videos,
>  > but it tends to work for everything. :-)
> Can you please help me how to find the right URLs for youtube-dl ?

There is no URL. You install it from ports:

        # cd /usr/ports/www/youtube_dl
        # make install

If the version in ports is not current enough (e. g. when YT
has again fiddled with the format), you can usually get it
from its source https://github.com/rg3/youtube-dl.

> For example on
> http://www.youtube.com/user/ConcertosLive/videos
> When I copy URLs with mouse in opera I always get
> "youtube-dl: No match."

Make sure you use proper quoting as the URL contains
characters that the shell will interpret. The common form
to use youtube-dl is e. g.

        % youtube-dl "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc4ROCJYbm0";

Any superflous stuff in the URL will be ignored. This is
the easiest way to work, e. g. from copying the URL from
the URL line or via the "Copy link address" function; then
just type 'youtube-dl "', press the middle mouse key, '"'
and Enter.

As youtube-dl doesn't have a manpage, you can use

        % youtube-dl -h

to get a list of supported command line options.

> (opera and flash work fine for playing and also for downloading the
> the ogg file)

That's normal. :-)

> I definitely prefer the command line tool.

What I like about this approach is that I can watch films
in a usable (!) environment, which is mplayer, and not be
dependent on some low-quality web player plugin. It's also
nice to have interesting videos stored on the local disk
so they can be watched without Internet connection. :-)

> Getting rid of flash would be a tremendous relief.

It will happen, as soon as HTML5 is adopted more widely
(currently happening especially for "rich web content"
and the mobile market) and lawyers agree on a usable
media codec.

But for now, I don't actually see any problems running
"Flash" if it is _intended_ to do so.

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