I was pleasantly  surprised at the responses,  so far--obv'ly--
        all privately responded to.    I'll get back to everybody in the
        next couple/few days.  I am just finishing up my VBC that I plan 
        to give to that  OLPC project out of MIT;  my shoulder feels like
        it's falling off, so I thought id send this to those five or so
        who are interested.  

        first, im hoping that you gents are fairly patient.  meaning that 
        altho my hacking   daze are winding down and I feel like  warmed
        over dog-do, I'm not quite ready to   give up just yet.  
        for one thing, im not sure what career my daughter will take; and
        even if she does choose comp-sci, she may have zero interest in
        messing with my domain.  that said,     when I do give it up in
        a few years, I hope to have made a good choice.

        second, I'm still trying to figure out   what the best thing to do 
        =is=.  good: the caffeine pills are kicking in:)  --about the only
        thing id ask is that AKA Thought Unlimited be dedicated 
        to the unix realm.  that's unix as in UNIX{TM, C, &c}, every distro
        of linujx, every distro of BSD ... you get the idea.   ---hate to
        find some very fine print like: " is a wholly-owned
        subsidiary of microsoft!" hidden away.    I {along with a bunch of 
        other volunteers} spend years answering newbie questions for folk 
        who  were interested in the unix paradigm but had no idea where to
        start.  whoever takes over can surely do much more along those
        lines if he wishes.  (a parenthetical note is that when I was
        sweating my way thru cal, about 30% of the computer classes were
        female!    I keep wondering what ever happened to all the girls! )  

        what else?  oh yeah, cost.  no charge.  no essays, no "tell me
        in 25 words or less... ."  the one thing I've always appreciated
        about the freebsd list[s] is the tenor of its membership.  same  
        goes for the rest of the Nix groups.  I would be much obliged for
        suggested input.

        enough for now


 Gary Kline  Public Service Unix
              Twenty-six years of service to the Unix community.

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