On 05/21/13 12:43, saeedeh motlagh wrote:
thanks Julien, but i think it's not true. man page for newfs seys that
journaling is done via gjournal and in freebsd handbook it says do
journaling with gjournal for UFS file system.

you mean i should create a partition and just enable journaling for it with
-J flag?

i think my problem is, my gjournal can not act correctly in fixit mode
because i can load it in single user mode and every thing is ok but in
fixit mode, i can not load it and all commands return errors.

please help me to make a journal for my root:(((

Look more carefully at the newfs man page. Option -J (upper case) is gjournal type journalling, option -j (lower case) is native UFS soft update journalling. It's the latter one you want.

This is on RELEASE-9.1 though. What version are you on?

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