>> Everything to the right of the @ is indeed case insensitive, but
>> everything
>> to the left might be case sensitive, depending on local policy.  This
>> means
>> you must preserve the case of everything to the left of the @ sign.
> According to the link provided by Erich Dollansky, FreeBSD's
> default sendmail.cf setting of
>       Mlocal,           P=/usr/libexec/mail.local, F=lsDFMAw5
> needs to be added the "u" option to the F= parameter to preserve
> the uppercase letters in the the left side (username) of the
> address. Maybe this additiion is required in other cf files
> containing Mlocal settings too? Of course it would be nice if
> there was a corresponding setting for the mc files which the
> cf files are usually generated from...

So, best practices aside, this would be a bug in the default config?
(i.e. can I celebrate my bug-finding yet?)

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